Mission Statement

Raising awareness and educating the public through high fashion made from recyclable materials.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art Tag with NCWCA at ARC Studios & Gallery

I met with my NCWCA friends today at ARC Studios & Gallery, for the Art Tag, round-robin game based on the theme: Patterns, which was interpreted in numerous ways. As it turned out, my partner started the process with her three pieces, and then I took my turn. I showed my first piece called Convergence, a print I made using white ground on a zinc plate in my printmaking class at COM. 

Elise showing her print, Convergence, 2011

Next, I shared my first animated video, Elise in Quiltland, 2012, http://youtu.be/eA-oWD0p6cU which was influenced by the collaged paper piece of multiple colored squares I received from Miriam, my ArtTag partner and created on my iPad, using the app ArtStudio.  For this piece, I made several reiterations of the squares, similar to how I constructed my Animoto video, Into the Oblivion, 2010.  Both are viewable on YOU Tube, on my Channel, elisechevalgoesvideo, but were not so easily seen on my small laptop computer. 

Elise showing her video, Elise in Quiltland, 2011

For my final piece, I was inspired by the 2nd collaged paper piece, Healing the Bones, from my partner, which reminded me of a stage with a curtain and I considered it an invitation to do a performance piece called Carpe Diem.   To be in keeping with my improv work, I only opened the package this morning, then upon opening it, I saw a picture of an x-ray of a hand, with the words, "Carpus".  I related to the piece in numerous ways, including healing from my own repetitive strain injury, and my work as a Feldenkrais teacher.  When I researched "carpus" on Wikipedia, I came across the words Carpe Diem and learned that the poet, Horace, who penned the aphorism was born on December 8, 65 BC!  Given that my birthday, and my Mom's birthday is December 8, I though about how I could integrate all of this information into my performance.  I wanted to take my own quilt for ArtTag, but when I couldn't remember where I put it, Spirit guided me to take the quilt my Mom made for me before she died in 2008.

Elise showing the quilt, Fur Elise, made by her Mom, 2006

My Mom's machine-pieced kaleidoscope quilt, Fur Elise, she titled after my favorite song by Beethoven that she played on the piano when I was a kid, was the perfect expression of the theme called patterns.  To see more pictures from the girls participating in ArtTag, go to www.ncwca.org.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

COV Performs in Cheshire Rock Opera at the Metro Opera House in Oakland

COV Choir, Joyce McBride Director, 2012
Therese and Elise, 2012

Elise Singing in COV Choir, 2012

New Friends, 2012

Therese and Elise, 2012

Georg, "Yo ho ho!!!", 2012
Last night, my new all-women’s choir, COV, performed at the Metro Opera House in Oakland.  All of us wore a costume related to Alice in Wonderland.  The sopranos were the “spades” and my choir director, Joyce McBride, let some of us come dressed as a special character.  My costume made out of satin for Halloween was perfect for the Red Queen.   I researched it and found that she wears blue eye shadow and a red heart on her lips.  So, when I was putting on makeup, I looked for some red lipstick, but I didn’t have any so I used Crimson nail polish instead.   Since I didn’t have red hair, I whipped up the hat, using one of my furry winter hats and leftover fabric scraps from making my dress.  My husband, dressed as a pirate in the costume I made for him, took these pictures of my new friends and me.  The lights gave them a strange glow!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Look for me in the Marin IJ, Lifestyles Section, on February 2, 2012!

When it rains, it pours! I've been discovered by Vicki Larson, Editor for Lifestyles at the Marin IJ newspaper. After our lively interview, Alan Dep, photographer, met me at O'Hanlon Center For the Arts in the Loft Gallery, and was amazed at the amount of work I've done in 9 months! He photographed my work and me, wearing my pink frock, "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend", after one of my heroesses, Marilyn Monroe. I couldn't resist wearing my Grandmother's rhinestone earrings and necklace for the occassion.

Solo Show: "A Woman For All Seasons", February 7-29, 2012

My post card is finished! I learned a lot, creating it on Adobe photoshoppe, then saving it as a PDF file, for printing at WIGT Printing in Mill Valley. In addition to my wearable art made out of recycled and non-recycled plastics, I will be kicking off my improvisational singing debut, with story telling on pitch, about the destruction of the oceans with non-biodegradable plastics. This is my brainchild that I created 3 years ago, when I woke up depressed about the state of affairs in the world. In April, 2011, I decided to flesh out my ideas about sewing and heat-fusing plastics, and now that day has come, where I will share my work with the public. My friend, professional musician and Spiritual teacher, Robin Elliott, will be accompanying me with her Bleffert instruments, gongs, cymbals, tubes and triangles during the Opening Reception, February 7, 2012 in the Loft Gallery. My husband Georg will be creating a video and I will post it on YOU Tube for your viewing pleasure. There will be easy, free parking available, and plenty of red wine and refreshments for all.

AIM HIGH in Exhibitions Catalogue at Momentum SHOW in Los Angeles

My plastic dress, AIM HIGH, 2011, created with sewn and fused Target bags will be in the Exhibitions Catalogue for the Momentum Show, during the 40th Anniversary Conference and Gala, in LA, February 22-27.

New Artist Studio and Member at Marin MOCA

I have a new artist studio and became a new member at Marin MOCA, where I have posted images of my artwork.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

CAFE - the "Red" Show at O'Hanlon Center For the Arts

Be sure and check out the O'Hanlon Center For the Arts this month for the new exciting, passionate "Red" Show. Juror, Painter and Alchemist, Toni Littlejohn, will be looking for what red means to you and how you optimize the color in your work. I will be submitting my fun dress, "Some Like It Hot", made out of red bubblewrap, and tempting everybody to pop the bubbles. After the Artists Roundtable and Show Opening, Tuesday, February 7, 4-6 pm, stop into the Loft Gallery for my Solo Show, "A Woman For All Seasons". I will be showing my recent body of work of plastic sewn and heat-fused wearable arts, made out of plastic, along with wall hangings made out of CD's and sculptures made out of packing tape filled to the brim with all of the non-recyclable materials, categorized as 5-6, along with signs created out of the throw-away table liners from O'Hanlon I collected on Clean Up Day. To be in keeping with the title of my show, I will also share my earlier works, including traditional Bargello quilts, eggshell mosaics and my beloved paintings of horses. There will also be live music and entertainment, of a different sort, with my improvisational performance where anything can happen, and red wine and refreshments.

Collective Actions Show at the Marin Community Foundation

Plexus Art Group has been selected to be part of the Collective Actions Show at the Marin Community Foundation in Novato, CA. My piece, "Northwest Passage", a kimono made out of vinyl, eggshells and watercolored paper, which was inspired by Pulp-Fashion artist, Isabelle de Borchgrave's kimonos made out of paper, showing at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, has been selected along with 144 works from artists in 11 other Bay Area groups including O'Hanlon Center For the Arts. I visited the installation at the Hamilton Field Hangar 5 with my friend Karin and took pictures. This piece will be on display during my Solo show at the Loft Gallery at the O'Hanlon Center For the Arts in February, 7, 2012.