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Raising awareness and educating the public through high fashion made from recyclable materials.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Opening for Re:Value Show at the Falkirk Cultural Center

We had a great showing of guests at the Re:Value show at the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael last Friday night.

In the making of the artworks, 13 women and one man, met regularly over a year for critiques and lively conversation about values. They reflected on a series of questions including, "Who and what do we value?; "Who and what do we cast off?"; "What is disposable?"; and "What is worth preserving?"  The show presents a variety of more than 50 artworks with personal opinions about family, the environment and the social and political issues of the day expressed by a dynamic group of contemporary artists specializing in fiber arts. 
For gallery hours, go to http://www.falkirkculturalcenter.org/.

Guests were welcomed with Julie Garner's expletives, "Sign of the Times", which she sculpted with New York Times and hazardous waste plastic bags.

"The Sign of the Times", by Julie Garner

 The New York Times plastic newspaper bags are a favorite recycle material of Plexus, and my piece, "Hot Off My Press", generated a smile from my friend Karin Mortensen.

"Hot Off My Press", by Elise Cheval

As the photographer at the Opening, I had the opportunity to capture some poignant moments of our guests with the artists.  This picture of a little boy playing with the toy soldiers in Susan Doyle's (front and center), "In the Name of God", makes one step back and consider our future.

"In the Name of God", by Susan Doyle
Jennifer Kim-Sohn's passion for oil painting, comes through in her portraits which depict the new social media platform, facebook.  Noting that children have as many as 250 friends on facebook, Jennifer questions the immediacy of how quickly users can like and unlike people.  She ponders how new social media have changed the concept of friendship by presenting her paintings with a small leather wallet which holds a few cherished photos of her loved ones. 

"217 Friends", by Jennifer Kim-Sohn

As the evening progressed, the light shining through the Bay windows at the historical Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael was perfect for some dramatic shots!  

Karen Balos' sculpted human forms, "Transparent Selves",  made out of clear packing tape speaks to our transparency with each other and tweaks the viewer to consider how we judge others by body-type, gender, size, etc...and asks, "How much can we see?"   Moreover, seeing her piece in front of the beautiful landscape of the Marin hills is worth a drive to the gallery to see the show, up through August 20.

"Transparent Selves", by Karen Balos
 I dressed for the occassion in a pop Art sort of way, with a bright shiny hot pink top that turned heads.  Standing next to "Elvis", one wonders who gets more attention?  The King standing in the light or me in the shadows?

"White Trash", by Elise Cheval
Seeing my piece, "In the Beginning", made with hundreds of cassette tapes collected from family, friends and neighbors over a 2 year period, in the context of the people who contributed to the Project, was a real treat!

"In the Beginning", by Elise Cheval

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wake-Up Call

Wake-Up Call at Marin County Fair

Hi All,

My Whole Foods Market winning suit made out of vinyl banners will be on view in the Fine Arts/Crafts Competition and Show at the Marin County Fair on July 4.

I hope to catch you there.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

White Trash at Marin Arts Council

White Trash

Some Like It Hot

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

The Opening at Marin Arts Council was a lot of fun. I saw Elvis holding his own as I came through the front door. My dresses, Some Like It Hot", and "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" are really bright in their Pop Art sort of way. Folks wondered where I got hot pink and red bubblewrap. I found it in somebody's garage in San Francisco 2 years ago. When I found it, I saw an octopus in my mind's eye. The dresses emerged because I like to wear my art on my sleeve!

The Show runs through July 15. I hope you can come.


Elise and Elvis

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whole Foods Market Creative ReUse Contest on June 7

Elise wearing "Wake-Up Call", sewn vinyl banners

O'Hanlon Center For the Arts, Megan Wilkinson and me had a lot of fun last night at Throckmorton Theater, where I was given a plaque, a $50 gift certificate and a pledge by Whole Foods Market of at least $800 for the Nickels For Non-Profits Award.  Daisy Carlson, Curator of her show, "From Here To Eternity", showcases the art of Judith Selby and her husband Richard, Tess Felix' beach trash portraits, and the art of winners of the Whole Foods Creative Re-Use Contest.  I was asked to wear the suit, "Wake-Up Call",  I made for the contest and was called a "walking piece of art".  My clothing made out of recycled materials is reaching larger audiences by the day.  I look forward to singing and performing, while wearing my clothing made out of plastic.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Tuesday Art Opening & Awards Ceremony

It was thrilling to receive the Judge's Special Prize Award for my winning classic suit, Wake Up Call, made out of discarded Whole Foods Market coffee banners, from Susan Grelock, during the First Tuesday Art Opening at 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley!

Marine Trash speaks louder than words!

Dear Art Lover,


Check this out!


Elise Cheval

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winner: Nickels for Nonprofits Award

Dear Art Lover,
My art career took off when I made a classic suit out of Whole Foods Market vinyl banners printed with images and words related to coffee, for my favorite non-profit, the O'Hanlon Center For the Arts.  I will be wearing the suit at the Awards Ceremony this Tuesday.  I hope to see you there.
Whole Foods Market Marin
Awards $1,500 in Grants to Local Nonprofits
Mill Valley, CA, June 9, 2011: Whole Foods Market will honor the winners of their recent Creative Reuse event on Tuesday, June 7 at 6pm at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley.
Winners will be honored during the reception for the "From Here to Eternity" art show at 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley on Tuesday, June 7. The reception is from 5-7pm and features some of the pieces submitted for the Creative Reuse contest as well as the work of Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang. (For more information, go to: http://www.eternallyplastic.com/ .)
The Creative Reuse contestin Marin was inspired by Whole Foods Market's core value to care for our local communities and environment.  Susan Grelock, marketing lead for the Marin stores said, "Whole Foods Market has a mission to recycle and reduce waste. Still, grocery stores make some waste that is difficult to recycle or reuse. We are looking for ways to reuse our regular waste items – and support local nonprofits at the same time."
Local artists were challenged to use the typical waste products from a grocery store to create art or practical items.  Participants took cardboard, vinyl banners, laminated signs, and posters and made everything from beach bags to bird houses. The entries were displayed at the Whole Foods Market in San Rafael on April 30 and judged by a panel of three judges .
Winners: The overall "Best in Show" was a hammock created by mother-daughter duo Ronnie and Amelia Sharpe. Their ingenious creation was woven from a vinyl banner and a laminated poster and utilized wood and rope salvaged from a Dumpster. The artists chose to have the $1000 grant they garnered given to the Mill Valley Children's Garden. Event attendees voted for the "People's Choice" award. There was a tie and both Jen Byrne (working for Mission Kids Co-op) and Ellen Litwiller (working for Sun Valley Elementary School) were awarded. Because of the quality of the work submitted, the judges honored additional entries; they will be recognized by being "Nickels for Nonprofits" recipients at Whole Foods Market stores. Through this program, shoppers can donate a nickel to the nonprofit every time they bring in their own bag. This program usually results in a $800-$1200 donation for a local nonprofit.
Susan Grelock
Marin Metro Marketing Team Leader, Whole Foods Market
415-497-9843, 415-889-3006, Susan.grelock@wholefoods.com

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Summer Classes at Marin Arts Council

Dear Art Lover,
Check out my summer classes at Marin Arts Council, where you can make a stylish bag or hat out of repurposed materials donated by Whole Foods Market.   Showcase your artwork in the Spring Student Exhibition at the O'Hanlon Center For the Arts.

More Artwork on View in Marin

White Trash, thread painting on fused trash bags, 2011

White Trash, thread painting on fused trash bags, 2011

White Trash, detailed view, 2011
Dear Art Lover,
I've been as busy as a bee, designing and constructing garments out of plastic trash bags called "Haute Trash", with the intention to educate the public and raise awareness about the impact of plastic on our health and natural world.  My show schedule is quite full.    For an Invited Member Show at Marin Arts Council, I created  a sizzling wearable dress, made in the tradition of FLAMEnco with a lot of ruffles, out of red bubblewrap called "Some Like It Hot".  Carrying on the theme of Pop Art and Marilyn Monroe, I'll be wearing a dress, hat and shoes, made from HOT pink bubblewrap on Friday, June 10, at Opening Night. Hats made to support breast cancer research and purchased for Zero Breast Cancer, by the 14 member strong artist group, including me, called Plexus, http://www.plexusartgroup.com/, will show along with the Pop Art Show, from June 10 to July 15.  Plexus will also be showing over 50 pieces of art, including my latest pieces, "White Trash", "Hot Off My Press" and the famous cassette tape sculpture, "In The Beginning",  featured in Marin IJ, Plus Section on March 10,  in our new show,  Re:Value, at the Falkirk Cultural Center from June 17 to August 20.  Opening Night is June 17  from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.    The two dresses, "Slick" and "Aim High", seen on my new blog, http://hotoffthepressfromelisecheval.blogspot.com/, were well-recieved last Friday night at MOCA in Novato.  Check out the photo (including my Target dress) on their website http://www.marin/ MOCA.org used for promotion of their Current Exhibition.

White Trash, detailed view,  2011

I hope to catch up with you soon!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Some Like It Hot" in POP ART SHOW in MARIN through July 10!!!

Some Like It Hot, Sewn and Fused Bubblewrap, 2011

Come to the Marin Arts Gallery on Opening Night on June 10, from 6 to 8 pm, to see my latest SIZZLING fashionable trash art - a red bubblewrap dress made in the traditon of FLAMEnco with lots of ruffles!  You won't miss me.  I'll be wearing another Bubblelicious creation made out of sewn and fused HOT pink bubblewrap, complete with hat, bag and shoes! 

Plexus Art Group's hats, including mine that just returned from New York City, where they were featured in a breast cancer HBO documentary, will be on view through Zero Breast Cancer.