Mission Statement

Raising awareness and educating the public through high fashion made from recyclable materials.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

project GREEN RUNWAY TRASHION SHOW, at the Marin Sanitary Service in San Rafael, on June 16, 4-6 pm

Click here, for more information, on how you can create your own TRASHION and join us on the Runway!

Project GREEN RUNWAY at the Earth Day Festival in San Francisco

Things just couldn't get any better than being invited by Sandra Hanns of iGreen Networks TV,  to join our friends, Envirolution, Eco Art Fashion Youth Leadership, from Truckee, on the steps of City Hall!  Here are a few highlights of Pia, Jelka, Nadja and Elise, catching all the attention of numerous photographers. 

Elise in WakeUp Call

As part of our Mission, project GREEN RUNWAY, creates dresses out of plastic, in order to raise awareness about the impact of plastics on our health and oceans.  Additionally, we build careers and support youth leadership.  Here, Nadja, Jelka and Pia (from right to left), look beautiful with the City Hall behind them.

Nadja, Jelka and Pia

Pia in "Bridging the Gap", made from New York Times recycled newspaper bags, 2012

On the steps at City Hall, with Envirolution

Envirolution and Project GREEN RUNWAY make a huge splash together!

Pia with the New York Times

"Clouds" made from torn SF Chronicle bags, inspired Pia to pose with Richard!

Jelka, Nadja and Pia (right to left)

Nick, from The Clean Oceans Project, was delighted to be with Project GREEN RUNWAY at the Earth Day Festival, 2012

What a blast at the Sonoma Trashion Show!

Lorena and I had so much fun at the Sonoma Trashion Show.  We arrived on time, with our gowns, "Some Like It Hot" and "Wake-up Call", and a handful of flyers for our upcoming TRASHION Show at the Marin Sanitary Service on June 16.  We were delighted to be 1st and 2nd on the Runway for the Adult Section of the Show.  Check out our video!

Lorena in the dressing room

Lorena and Elise all decked out!

While Lorena had her done by Marilyn and Gretchen, Elise passed out the flyers to the designers and models, and invited them to our Event.  Georg was the official videographer, and got some great footage of the show.  If you would like the videos or photos, please let me know. 

Here are some highlights of the AMAZING CREATIONS at the show.

"Let Me Bake Cake" by Charlotte Kruk

"Let Me Bake Cake" by Charlotte Kruk

"A Scrimp Season" by Bonnie Brown

3rd place winner, "Dress of Cards" by Jan Lippold

"Dress of Cards"

1st place winner, "Black Pearl" by Mikaela Holmes

another design by Mikaela!

"Phoenix Rising From the Trash" by Alexa Wood and Joni Derikson

"Hold the Presses", SF Chronicle Recycled newspaper bags, by Toni Denmark

Gretchen, Marilyn and Lorena

Mikaela in the dressing room

Sunday, April 15, 2012

project GREEN RUNWAY was a sensation at the Kick-Off Party at Red Vic

Last night, we were a sensation at the Red Vic Kick-Off party, for next Sunday's upcoming
FREE Earth Day Festival, April 22, 10 am to 5 pm, in San Francisco! 

The Creator of the Youth Events at the Earth Day Festival, Sandra Acevedo, who invited us to the Event, asked us to stand outside and usher in the people! Passers-by commented on how much they enjoyed seeing Jelka in a dress made out of Target bags; Katharina all decked out in Hefty trash bags; Nadja doing her "OLE!" in flaming hot red bubblewrap and Elise walking in her classic Whole Foods Market vinyl banner suit on 6" stilettos! 

project GREEN RUNWAY in front of Decades of Fashion in the Haight in San Francisco, 2012


 The neighboring shop owner, of Decades of Fashion, where you can pick up anything to do with fashion from 1880 to 1980, took some lovely pix of us, standing on the steps, which will be posted on their website!

After our "photo shoot" (thanks to Georg), outside the Red Vic, we were invited in with passers-by in tow to kick off the party with a little trashion fashion "show and tell" of our collection! 

During the Meet and Greet, we enjoyed talking to people about what we are up to with Youth Leadership through Creative Self Expression, and learned some cool things about Red Vic.  Laurie Taylor, who manages things in the 18 room B&B, invited us to participate in her Earth mural project right here in Marin and have our pictures taken wearing our collection in front of the finished project!

All of these opportunities has Elise hoppin' to arrange more trashion photo shoots in San Francisco, as well as in Marin!

Next weekend, we will be busier than ever.  On April 21, 5 pm to 9 pm, Lorena and Elise will be on the runway at the Sonoma Trashion Fashion, in Andrews Hall at the Sonoma County Community Center (flyer forthcoming).  Please come and support us, at the Reception and Party, wearing our project GREEN RUNWAY collection!  Please call Elise and Christin, if you would like to wear something from the project GREEN RUNWAY collection in the upcoming Event.

Save the date!  We have secured our venue for our upcoming Trashion Show in Marin!  We will be at the Marin Sanitary Service, June 16, 4 to 6 pm, wearing our project GREEN RUNWAY collection, along with your creations.

We will have on-going classes at Rainbow Fabrics, where you can create your own
Trashion Fashion for our upcoming show.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wakeup Call and Some Like It Hot in upcoming Sonoma Trashion Show, April 21

It's official.  My plastic dresses have gone from the sidewalk to the catwalk.  Lorena looks hot in "Some Like It Hot", and I'm the only one brave enough to walk around on 6" stilettos in Wakeup Call, made out of vinyl banners, the entire day at the Sonoma Community Center on April 21.  There will be plenty of live music and refreshments to go around.  OLE!