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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What a blast at the Sonoma Trashion Show!

Lorena and I had so much fun at the Sonoma Trashion Show.  We arrived on time, with our gowns, "Some Like It Hot" and "Wake-up Call", and a handful of flyers for our upcoming TRASHION Show at the Marin Sanitary Service on June 16.  We were delighted to be 1st and 2nd on the Runway for the Adult Section of the Show.  Check out our video!

Lorena in the dressing room

Lorena and Elise all decked out!

While Lorena had her done by Marilyn and Gretchen, Elise passed out the flyers to the designers and models, and invited them to our Event.  Georg was the official videographer, and got some great footage of the show.  If you would like the videos or photos, please let me know. 

Here are some highlights of the AMAZING CREATIONS at the show.

"Let Me Bake Cake" by Charlotte Kruk

"Let Me Bake Cake" by Charlotte Kruk

"A Scrimp Season" by Bonnie Brown

3rd place winner, "Dress of Cards" by Jan Lippold

"Dress of Cards"

1st place winner, "Black Pearl" by Mikaela Holmes

another design by Mikaela!

"Phoenix Rising From the Trash" by Alexa Wood and Joni Derikson

"Hold the Presses", SF Chronicle Recycled newspaper bags, by Toni Denmark

Gretchen, Marilyn and Lorena

Mikaela in the dressing room

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