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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"A Woman For All Seasons" a Huge Success at O'Hanlon Center For the Arts

Check out the video my husband Georg made before Guests arrive to my Opening Reception.


Many THANKS to Karin Mortensen for helping me through the duration of this show and sticking it out until the end, to Georg Roth for his devotion to "kitchen" duty and footing the bill for the food and accoutrements, to Louise Maloof for the beautiful bouquet of pink Stargazer Lilies that finished the food table perfectly, to Suzanne Rogers for taking photos of setting up the show and during my performance, "A Sea Odyssey:2012", to all of my colleagues from Plexus who came to support me, to my neighbors Jim, Jeanie, and Mary Ann who watched the heap of plastic grow in the garage until there was no more room for my car, to the new folks who came and I look forward to connecting with in the future, especially to Christin Anderson, who I will be collaborating with on our new recycle runway project with youth of Marin County, to my friend Gretchen Kucerka, who supported me with her undying ear of support, and to the O'Hanlon Center For the Arts Membership for their attendance and to Robin Elliott and her crew, Rick and Jennifer, for her ethereal Bleffert instrumental music, which lent the perfect contrast to the material world of plastic and its impact on our health and environment.

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