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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Marin IJ article is a HIT in Marin County!

On February 2, I woke up to a slew of emails commenting on the article written by Vicki Larson, in the Marin IJ, about my work and upcoming show at the OHanlon Center For The Arts. Alan Dep, my photographer, took great pictures for the story, "Dressed to Kill", where Vicki informed Marin County about my intention for making plastic dresses in order to make a statement when I walk into a room in the obnoxious, noisy crunching of my classic suit, Wake Up Call, made out of Whole Foods Market vinyl banners. I wanted to have enough copies for family and friends, so I drove all over San Anselmo, Mill Valley and Novato looking for the paper. They were already sold out! I managed to get 10 copies, so that should be enough to share my fame. I went to work, filling in for Megan at O'Hanlon, while she's on vacation, and enjoyed seeing folks at the Gallery coming to drop off their works for the Red Show. They had looks of recognition and were full of acknowledgement, saying, "I read the article in the paper!" After that, I enjoyed walking into Benvenuto to have my hair done for the big night on Tuesday, and Robert, the Receptionist and the Owner, congratulated me on my achievements! So much fun getting your name in thhe paper. Today, I rounded out the week, dropping off my piece, "Some Like It Hot", for the Red Show and attending Cayan's Personal Creativity Workshop. Today, I learned about Matisse and how he said that "color trumps form", and finally I understood his flattened jewel tone images! Plus, I am almost finished with my sea dragon painting, using the tissue paper to fill in as "kelp", with the wonderful overlapping looking like the ribs and veins. I love the transparency against the acrylic background. I will post photos tomorrow, when I return to Cayan's Monoprinting class, and finish with some more fun on plastic! http://www.marinij.com/lifestyles

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