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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NEW Art Studio in Marin MOCA!

Elise in front of her new studio at Marin MOCA

East facing window!

My storage area... new shelves coming!

I love red!  I rescued this canvas
from the trash and added the white horses!

Armed with a slew of canvases, my backpack chockful of oils and my paintbrush  -- I'm launching my career as a Painter and saying, "Au revoir" to incandescent pthalogreen oil paint on my carpet at home.  With an East facing window, I look forward to early morning light before I head over to Indian Valley Campus to paint with my Mentor Chester Arnold.  This semester, Chester is generously teaching us how to make ink out of the numerous oak galls laying on the grounds with an old rusty horseshoe.  Stay tuned for my newest direction in wearable arts with my hand-painted canvases turned into beautiful jackets and hats.   My newest Project is taking shape -- I'm going into my SELP course at Landmark Education, where I will learn how to enroll folks in my new Community Project.  Plus, I will be using the website,  www.kickstarter.com to create my own fundraiser program to generate the funds for my new career as a Motivational Singer, donning my own wearable art creations.  Look for my video, which I predict will go viral, after my Solo Show, "A Woman For All Seasons", at O'Hanlon Center For the Arts, on February 7, from 6-8 pm.   

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