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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Women Rule at "A Sense of Place" Show at the ARC Gallery in San Francisco!

The Opening for "A Sense of Place" at the ARC Gallery in San Francisco took place in a well lit space with entertainment and refreshments.  I was delighted to see my eggshelled vinyl and Velcro dress, "Breaking Through", holding her own in the center of the gallery, under a "devore" umbrella called "The Sky is Falling", by Judy Shintani.  The pairing is perfect and suggested to visitors that the two pieces are a diptych by the same artist!  From the picture, you can see that Judy and I are coming from a similar place in terms of our thoughts and feelings about vulnerability and fragility in a world visited by disasters. 

I met Gaia Toscano, the hard-working intern at NCWCA, who designed and produced the catalogue for the show, when she came into my printmaking class at College of Marin looking to grow their membership.  Gaia was so helpful and generous in offering me an opportunity to be a part of NCWCA's member show at the ARC Gallery that I couldn't resist stepping up to the challenge to meet deadlines for submission of my artwork.  

I had a lot of fun talking to the artists and learning about their artwork.  Having a strong interest in digital painting, I was naturally drawn to Susan Liroff's piece, "Down the Road".  Susan is a master with Adobe Photoshoppe.

Anne Shulemberg's photocollage, "Skyline Reflections - Morning" reads like a self portrait.  Anne is a gentle soul, who took the opportunity to reflect on her move from Oakland for the theme of the show.

My girl, "Breaking Through", has taken my art on a journey these past few years.  She was labeled "Best Mention" by the juror in the "Take 2 Show" at the O'Hanlon Center For the Arts and noted in the Marin IJ in 2009 and was awarded a green "Best Mention" ribbon at the Marin County Fair in 2010.  Now, she is on view through May 21 at the ARC Gallery.  Moreover, the reception of my eggshelled vinyl and velcro wearable dress has encouraged me to create a full wedding dress for the upcoming MOCA show, "Shattered", to be juried by Kenneth Baker from the SF Chronicle.

Finally, my husband Georg's delight with Jain Hutzell's intricately beaded wearable art, "Inviolate",  is a testament to the joy and power women's art brings to us. 

Here is the best long view shot of the Gallery, as seen from the refreshments table, according to my husband who is more of a photographer than me.  Nevertheless, I will be posting more pictures of the show since I volunteered to photograph the artworks and the Closing panel discussion on May 21.

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