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Sunday, May 1, 2011

SPECIAL PRIZE for "Sew La-La" from Whole Foods' Creative Re-Use Contest

I worked harder than I ever have for a week, after picking up vinyl banners from Susan Grelock at Whole Foods in Mill Valley last Saturday, on a " trashy" suit that gave me and my 20 year old Viking 500 sewing machine a real run for my money. I prayed every time I heard the motor balk over 3 and 4 layers of vinyl that Spirit would allow me to finish my wearable ensemble by this morning. I had my heart set on winning a monetary award for my favorite non-profit organization, the O'Hanlon Center For the Arts, where I basically built my career since my first entry in the "Love of Fiber" show, in 2008. As a social activist, I was stoked when Susan introduced me to Daisy, the Curator for the Trash Art show coming up at the Throckmorton Theater on June 1, who asked me to wear my ensemble and perform my improvisational singing I've been developing for 2 1/2 years at the big event! Plus, I was introduced to the Director of the organization, "Teens Turning Green", who would like me to work with the kids and put on a trashion show, fashion made out of trash. A few days ago, I asked Spirit, " Why am I making wearable art that is not "wearable"?" I got my answer and wrote in my journal that I am simply making attractive Haute Trash fashion, aka "trashion", to help raise awareness about the problem with plastic and the 5 gyres that accumulate human non-biodegradable waste that are destroying our oceans and threaten to destroy us. I see high fashion as an innovative approach to draw attention to a large problem. Once folks see and more importantly wear my ensembles, they will experience the "cold-hot", disembodied sense of where humans are going if we don't learn about the effect of plastic on our oceans, our health and change our behavior. I meet folks every day who haven't even heard of the Great Pacific Gyre!

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