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Raising awareness and educating the public through high fashion made from recyclable materials.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whole Foods Market Creative ReUse Contest on June 7

Elise wearing "Wake-Up Call", sewn vinyl banners

O'Hanlon Center For the Arts, Megan Wilkinson and me had a lot of fun last night at Throckmorton Theater, where I was given a plaque, a $50 gift certificate and a pledge by Whole Foods Market of at least $800 for the Nickels For Non-Profits Award.  Daisy Carlson, Curator of her show, "From Here To Eternity", showcases the art of Judith Selby and her husband Richard, Tess Felix' beach trash portraits, and the art of winners of the Whole Foods Creative Re-Use Contest.  I was asked to wear the suit, "Wake-Up Call",  I made for the contest and was called a "walking piece of art".  My clothing made out of recycled materials is reaching larger audiences by the day.  I look forward to singing and performing, while wearing my clothing made out of plastic.

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