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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project Green Runway for Marin County Youth

Dear Art Lover and Friend,

Thanks to my recent Solo show, "A Woman For All Seasons", at O'Hanlon Center For the Arts, I'm pleased to announce that my new project, Project Green Runway, is on its way.

In Landmark Education, I am in Phase 3 of my Community Project called Self Expression Leadership Program, where 62 participants have coaches and leaders that help us succeed with our Community Projects.   I created Project Green Runway on Feb. 15, 2012, for teens.  Synchronities and "happenings" are over the top, including a Coach (out of 15), Tania Walters, who picked me, (before she knew I have a new art studio at Marin MOCA ) who has an art studio at MOCA!   My partner Christin Anderson who found me through my article in the IJ and came to my Show at O'Hanlon has Belgian roots, through her father, and is an incredible quilter and needle arts woman,  like my mother and myself, also Belgian, like Isabelle de Borchgrave, (Pulp Fashion).    Plus, too many more syncs to mention here!    There's nothing better than intentional living when it comes to registering folks in what you are UP to!!!

My DREAM website domain,www.upcyclerunway.com created in May, 2011, and awaiting development has morphed into yet another, catchier domain name,www.projectgreenrunway.com (under construction through Weebly).

Our new Blog, is a great place where participants can come together on our Project Green Runway Forum to share their ideas, creative process, post in-progress and final pictures of creative ecowear made out of every REusable, REcyclable, REpurposed material known to Humankind.   Participants can check in with our videos and coming soon podcasts (I start my new film career, through a FREE orientation at Marin TV tonight!), for helpful DIY-like how-to's, hints and tips for all kinds of sewing techniques, knitting, crochet, hat-making, felting, painting on fabric, weaving, etc....

As Community, my partner Christin Anderson, and I are seeking 3-4 more leaders for our Project.

We meet on Fridays, 3-5 pm, at Rainbow Fabrics in Fairfax, with a group of teens and young adults who will be learning valuable leadership skills while they create their fiber-artistry out of recycled materials.    If you would like to get in at Ground level, or know someone who would like to participate in a Community Project that will be fun, educational and creative beyond your wildest dreams, where you can offer your valuable skills, teach if you like, and launch a new generation of empowered teenagers to a new Planet,  please come to our Meeting on Thursday, March 15, at 3 pm, at our "office" at the new Good Earth in Fairfax.

As you can expect, our Project will be immensely successful with numerous media mentions, including newspapers,  radio, TV, and social media about our upcoming Event, to be held at an influential organization, currently in the negotiation phase, in May, and forecasted for yet larger EVENTS such as the Marin County Fair in July and Earth Day Festival in 2013!!

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